Links For Making Money Online

Most of us spend hours online, addicted to keeping up with the latest news, gossip, and games. While these activities are fun, they can be mind numbing. However, there are opportunities to make money online; some are scams, illegal, or have terrible labor/payout ratio. Here at Money Cents, we will only suggest opportunities that we have tried ourselves.

Gig Sites: These can be quite lucrative by charging more for extra options. (Earnings may be subject to taxable income.) Make sure that you know how to upload and resize images before signing up as this will act as your visual resume for each gig.

  • Fourerr – Buy & Sell Micro Jobs Online from $4
  • Fiverr – Buy & Sell Micro Jobs Online from $5

Surveys: These free companies have the best online points-to-money &/or gift ratios. Receive credit for every survey completion regardless of answers.

  • Epoll – primarily on current/prospective TV shows and celebrity recognition.
  • Pinecone Research is perfect for those who can complete them within short timelines. You may be sent products to eat, drink or use without labels on them Don’t worry though, most of the time you be evaluating changes made to existing products. Join via invitations through social media ads, or check our website for an invitation link. Pays $3 each survey.

National Focus Groups: (Check out: “Focus Groups: Get Paid To Gab“)

Typically you’ll find more opportunities with companies that have offices across the U.S. and worldwide.  However, there may be others that only service local zip codes in larger metro areas.  Make sure your city is mentioned before joining any database.

Product Sampling Rep:
These are the people you see handing out goodies at grocery & mass merchandise stores. Reps are hired by third-party companies who contract with various retail chains. Perfect for those who enjoy interacting with the public and prefer standing over sitting down. These are just two of many companies available. Pay is an hourly rate with 1099 status.


Poll Worker: Some states pay their workers for elections. Look for a notice included with your ballot to see if it’s a paid position in your state. The pay is minimal considering the hours involved in the pre-election setup, the election, and closing the polls, however, it’s a great way to meet new people, earn school credit, or to be more involved in your community.

Decoy Agent: Earn about $50/month by becoming a mail decoy agent. Decoys are used to monitor the delivery of advertisements and occasional bulk items. What we call junk mail is actually coded with letter & number sequences that decoys enter into an online database. Pay is per piece that is returned to USMonitor via postage paid envelopes. Agents are chosen based on the zip coded needing coverage. This job is perfect for people who check their mailboxes daily and don’t take too many vacations or frequently your change residence. If you do travel, another family member or neighbor can cover for you. I’ve learned to ensure proper delivery by taping a note in my box: ‘This address is enrolled in USMonitor & will be receiving mail under other names than my own’. (Note: This is not the same decoy company with complaints that you will find on the internet.)