Get Paid To Gab

Yep, that’s right-you can earn money just by talking.  There are hundreds of companies, or clients, who need direct input from consumers.   Clients hire research firms to gather this data through focus groups. The topics of focus groups are endless, from tasting new restaurant menu items, testing mattresses, evaluating healthcare insurance, devising new lotto scratcher games, to critiquing political fliers received in the mail, just to name a few.

How much?    It costs nothing to signup to be put yourself on a legitimate research company’s database. Payments are received before you leave in the form of a check or debit card.  Each pre-screening via email or by phone will inform you of the time duration and pay rate.  Groups are usually held after business hours.  If not, it might be worth using a vacation day…ssh, don’t tell your boss!  Search the internet for national & local focus research groups in your area.  Here is a list to get you started.

Helpful Tips:   One participant per household.  That’s a standard rule, however, households comprised of adults with different last names, races, ages, phone numbers etc., can also register.  Just be sure to use different email providers and complete the prescreening questionnaires on different devices.

Although it’s rare, the client or research facility may require completing the prescreener again via phone or onsite to ensure that your answers match with online results.

These groups over-book so come early and hang out until the quota is reached.  You may be used to fill-in for no-shows and may even get paid without actually participating.

Catering may be offered for studies with larger compensation because of the time commitment required, such as participating in a mock trial. Can’t beat free food!